10 Ways to Use Fireplace Ashes Around the House Instead of Throwing Them Away

We often throw away the wood ash from fire pits and fireplaces. However, these tips will make you save them for the best purposes.

  • Evacuate ants: You can fend off ant invasions with the help of wood ash. This will definitely evacuate ants in your yard.
  • Make compost: You can also make compost out of wood ash. This will help in increasing the quality of the compost.
  • Melt the ice: You can melt ice after sprinkling some wood ash on the ice. One will never have to overcome the problems of icy yards anymore.
  • Manage oil spills:  This may sound new to you, but sprinkling some wood ash on oil spills will help you soak them.
  • Increase soil pH levels: Due to its alkaline properties, wood ash helps in balancing the pH level of soil in your yard and garden.

  • Insect repellant: Wood ash helps to repel insects and keep them away from the nooks and corners of your house.
  • Save seeds:  Storing seeds in wood ash helps in preventing fungus and insects.
  • Clean wounds: Wood ash can help you clean your tissues and heal any sort of wound in a short time.
  • Clean glass: You can clean hard glass with wood ash and be pocket-friendly.
  • Make cheese: As bizarre as it may sound, a few coats of wood ash will save cheese from losing its flavors and will also prevent unwanted organisms.

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