New Mom Answers Heavy Criticism for Piercing 1-Day-Old Newborn’s Ears

It is quite natural and normal for people to expect parents to be all tender and gentle with their children. Children are, in fact, supposed to be taken care of in the best way.

This is one of the best things you will watch on the internet. This is because the mother of the child will make you think twice about all the negative comments. The mother makes sure she loves her child as she should. The little one really had to go through some kind of pain right after she was born. However, the mother’s intention was very pure towards her baby.

The mom is on TikTok as Lara, her child’s name, and it was on the platform that she shared an adorable clip of her baby girl a few hours after her birth and then now at three months old. There, obviously, were a lot of people who were offended by this video. The mother responded, “When they are 2-3 days old, they don’t feel pain like a year or two!” the new mom wrote.

“The holes are given to them by neonatologists (doctors specializing in the care of newborns) in the hospital at birth,” she added. Watch the full video below!


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