94-Yr-Old Takes Stage Slowly, But People Go Wild the Moment Her Dress Changes

Old people are often considered to be passive in nature. But don’t put Mathilda Klein in the same boat as other seniors. This 94-year-old is one of the most entertaining people you will come across. She walked onto the dance floor holding a walker, but she soon shows us that it is nothing but a prop for her. Wait till you see her move – she doesn’t need help at all!

Mathilda was joined by her dance partner Danny Maloney. They dropped the jaws of everyone in the crowd with some unbelievable dance moves. Mathilda’s dance makes you forget her age completely.

Maloney, who had been dancing with Klein for years before to this competition, is amazed by how she moves. He says she is an inspiration to him. According to Mathilda, dancing keeps her alive.

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