If you don’t believe in karma, maybe this story might change your mind. As the saying goes, what you give is what you get, because karma comes around and slap you right in the face in the most unexpected moment.

This unnamed Spanish dude got exactly what he deserved. He thought it’s okay to throw his trash anywhere he pleases. He tried to dispose of his refrigerator off the cliff. But to his surprise, karma is just around the corner waiting for him and his accomplice.
The world is a lovely place for anyone to be dumping their trash anywhere they want. It doesn’t do anything good for the environment, and there is simply no point to it. But that doesn’t stop some people from doing exactly that.

In the video, you will see a couple of guys pushing their refrigerator off a cliff, and it is a long way down. You can hear one of the guys saying, “how many twists and turns has it done?” Although this video has some clips missing to it, you can clearly imagine it in your head to get a clear picture of the story. But here comes the fun part.

Police officers showed up at the right moment to catch them on the act. And guess what? He instructed the two men to get the refrigerator they just threw off the hill. Though that’s not in the video, try thinking about what they went through. You have to get a refrigerator, tie it a strap and carry it up the hill. So much fun, right? Now, they’re in for the time of their lives. It would have been fun to see their faces.

Now here is the icing on the cake for their behavior. While they still have to dispose of the refrigerator., Seemingly, they still have to pay a fine of 45,000 euros. If their head was in the right place, with just a bit of that money they could’ve just paid someone to get rid of the refrigerator.

Anyone caught littering should face the consequences for their actions. All of us should also be trying hard to make a better and clean environment for everyone to enjoy. Maybe then, we’ll get some good karma back.

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