Random Americans Were Asked Why We Celebrate July 4th – The Responses Are Upsetting

America is rich in its culture and history. But are the American citizens aware of all the good deeds done by the founding father? Do they know the truth behind celebrating specific festivities? Well, looking at the video, it seems like they have no clue at all.

A media analyst takes a stroll around the beach and asks questions about the 4th of July to some beachgoers. And since everyone was excited about celebrating Independence Day, he thought it would make a good internet content. However, the citizens gave the dumbest and disturbing responses that he regrets filming this embarrassing video.

It makes you question the education system and the history lessons of the country. They don’t even know the reason for relishing on the 4th of July. Is it only about cracking firecrackers at night? And the saddest thing is he wasn’t even asking though questions. People couldn’t also answer generic questions, and I’m in shock! His conversation with the general public became a total fail.

We need a quick history brush up to save us from the shame of not knowing our revolutionary past. Could you answer any of the questions? It’s high time we learn hard facts about our country! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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