A person’s facial features and structure can affect his confidence the most. When a person is insecure about his appearance, he or she can be very insecure about themselves.

In 2016, Pamela came to a show The Doctors. In this show, she talks about how a skin condition has caused her nose to get massive. Her nose only grew with time and the woman was helpless after a certain time. Pamela was even insecure and afraid to get out of her house. Sadly, she feared that people would pass judgments on her rare condition.

In this show, she finds out that her condition is rhinophyma. This condition is closely related to overconsumption of alcohol. However, after a year Pamela returns to a show with plastic surgery. One cannot believe his eyes when he will see the transformation. This woman looks stunning and almost unrecognizable!

This is one of the most drastic transformations you will ever see! Watch the full video below!

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