Woman Makes Hilarious Dance Video When Stranded Overnight in Airport

Getting your flight delayed or getting stranded at an airport is definitely not the best thing to happen to just anyone. But there are people who know how to make the best of any situation.

Mahshid Mazooji was literally so frustrated when she was stuck and stranded in an airport. What more can a helpless woman do than wait patiently or vent out her frustration one way or another. There really seems to be no other option than either of these two options. However, Mahshid is not your basic girl. She is a very positive and happy-go-lucky soul.


She made the best out of the worse situation and we really can’t help but appreciate the woman for what she did there. Instead of being all negative and pessimistic about the situation, she befriended some baristas and some airport workers and made them dance along with her. This video is simply so wholesome.

The smiles on all their faces say it all. Watch the full video below!

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