Woman and Dog Perform an Incredible Duo Earning the 1st Place at World Dog Dance Competition

There is no shortage of talent in the world. Moreover, you just have to turn on the TV to see the most amazing dancers competing to be the best. However, one thing you may not know is that dance competition isn’t only for humans. Some are there for our furry friends as well! And this performance takes the cake!

Yvonne Belin is no stranger to dog training. But when she entered the FCI Dog Dance World Championship with her Border Collie, Alice, it was a whole different arena! Moreover, their winning freestyle performance is so good that it has more than 2.8 million views on Youtube!

dog dance

The duo comes to the stage and takes a bow, getting ready for their epic routine. As “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen plays, Yvonne begins motioning her hand. And Alice follows with a brilliant twirl! And when the music picks up, so do their act. The Pair never miss a beat as Yvonne waves and spins around. Furthermore, Alice coordinates with her owner to do the most incredible stunts. And you have to see the part where Alice grooves with only her hind legs. Watch it below:

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