Thief Executed Her Master Plan to Steal the Jewelry but Failed Miserably

Movies make robberies and heists look so easy and effortless. However, it’s not like that in real life. Unfortunately, this woman had to find out the hard way after attempting to scam a jewelry store out of 7 million dollars! Luckily, this quick-thinking jeweler saves the day.

For jeweler Bobby Yampolsky who owns ECJ Luxe Collections in Florida, dealing with diamonds is a daily job. Moreover, the owner of the luxury retail store takes his high-value customers straight to the vault where the expensive jewelry is kept. One day, he struck a deal of 11 rings valued at 7 million dollars with a 46-year-old woman. But things began going sour, and that’s when he locks the scammer up!

jewelery scammer

After seeing the 11 rings, the lady posing as a buyer says she wants to pack it on her own. Moreover, she puts the jewelry in some tissue, rolls it up with tape, and puts it in her briefcase. That’s when she switches it with another package from her bag, giving it back to Bobby, who is already suspicious of her behavior! Furthermore, she refuses to give him the original jewelry back. So, Bobby leaves the room and shuts the vault on her! He proceeds to call the police who take the thief away. Watch the action caught on tape below:

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