Wild Shark Has 20-Yr Friendship With Man Who Removed Fishing Hooks From Her Body

When you think of animals befriending humans, you probably don’t think of sharks. After all, ever since Jaws, we’ve been told they are killing machines that only think about swimming and eating. It turns out that’s not true.

Here’s a guy that’s been visiting a certain spot in the Bahamas every year to see his friend, Emma the shark, that he helped out in the past. “She’s almost like a big Labrador retriever, who wants love and affection constantly,” said Jim Abernethy, a shark conservationist.

Jim’s been coming here 20 years now and Emma is there every year. He said he believes she recognizes their boat and waits for him to get in the water.

“I had absolutely no idea sharks were affectionate creatures,” Jim said. He used this trait to gain trust to remove a hook from another shark’s jaw. He said that was a “gamechanger moment” in his relationship with sharks

Jim missed seeing Emma during the pandemic and when he came back after two years, she showed up and was looking for him. Clearly they have a great relationship.

What an interesting story. Watch the full video below!

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