Wild Horse Kicks Man in ‘Very Tender Spot’ When Man Ignores Warning Sign

The beauty and grace of wild animals have undoubtedly caught humans’ attention and wild horses are some of the most popular in the continental U.S. But while it is fun to watch the grace of such a majestic creature, we need to follow a few common-sense precautions.

A good one would be a warning sign like: “Keep at least 10 feet away.” The sign is there for our safety. The animal generally has little or no previous experience of a human touch, which may bring them to a defense mode. There is a reason why they are called wild animals.

This is precisely what happened to this Speedo-clad man. He took the trip to the beach of Assateague Island, situated at the coast of Maryland, which is known for its wild horses. Despite continuous warning from the beachgoers, the man reached out to pet the brown wild horse’s stomach. Upon contact, the horse immediately went into defense mode and kicked him, sending a clear message of: “Don’t touch me!” And Oh! The message hurts.

Well, at least the man’s got a good story to tell on his next beach party. And he surely would think twice before pulling off such a stupid act again. Despite National Parks and Wildlife Service ‘s constant warning, ‘enjoy their beauty from a distance,’ this sort of incident is common to the beach.

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