Dalmatian Pal and Movie ‘Rocky’ Inspire Clydesdale to Make the Team

The American football championship, the Super Bowl, is watched around the world and has become an event that is about far more than sports. The halftime show is a coveted performance act that is seen by hundreds of millions of people.

But for a lot of viewers, the football game takes a back seat to the commercials that run during the broadcast. They would much prefer to have lots of commercials with a little football in between instead of vice-versa. There have been lots of memorable ads in the past but some of my favorites are the Budweiser commercials, especially the ones with their famous horses, the Clydesdales

In this commercial, Hank the horse is not chosen for the coveted hitch team, they choose Thunder instead. Hank is obviously depressed about it, and that’s when the farms dalmatian comes in.

The dog goes to see Hank and convinces him he needs to work harder for next year’s team. What follows is an inspiring series of workouts, with the dalmatian as coach, all set against the backdrop of the iconic theme from the 1976 movie Rocky.

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