Wild Deer Approaches Woman and Lies Beside Her to Show Her She’s Hurt

Much like humans, animals in the wild have different personalities. Dogs that have been domesticated for a long time are much calmer in contrast to a grizzly bear. Likewise, Deers possess more shy and frightening beings.

Hence, helping them in need takes alot of convincing and winning their trust. Back in 2010, Bastian and Marlis Jermutus assisted an injured deer. Although skittish, the animal approached the couple in seek of help. Wild animals don’t ask or request for any sort of aid; when they do, chances are they genuinely needed it.


The couple lives in close quarters with a deer community in Germany. They even let the animal graze in their backyard. It didn’t take long for the deers to realize the Jermutus family was harmless. So, little by little, the deers began getting closer with the couple. Then they met a week-old fawn, Eva. She had two large scrapes in the back. One day the shy deer came close to the couple and laid down in need of assistance. Marlis approached the deer and quickly realized the issue.

Marlis used Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Cream in the wounds. It diminishes the chances of an infection. In the meantime, the scrapes healed, and Eva showed gratitude by showering Marlis with kisses.

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