Rich Man Budgets $11 Million for His Daughter’s Wedding and They Spend It on Homes for the Poor

Weddings are undoubtedly costly, especially if it’s an Indian ceremony. If you have never been to an Indian wedding, let me give you a mental picture. Even the most private weddings have over 500 guests.

So when a successful businessman Manoj Munot decided to marry off his daughter, he was determined to make it grand. In his lifetime, Manoj cumulated enough wealth to give his family the quality of life they deserve. Wedding surely would have been no exception. Manoj had estimated a total spend of 11million dollars in the lavish ceremony. However, something didn’t feel quite in place for the businessman.

To sort out the doubt, Manoj sought help from his brother, Prashant Bamb, a local politician. Manoj thought spending such a significant sum on the wedding felt like a waste. Prashant pointed there were other ways he could spend the money that would free his troubling mind. After having a quick chat with his daughter Shreya. Who was more than happy with her father’s decision. Manoj decided to donate more than half of the sum to a foundation that builds homes for the poor. With the amount, Manoj was able to secure a roof over the head of 90 families.

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