Losing a loved one is the worse thing that can happen in your life. Tragic events are always heartbreaking and hard to bear.

Matt Mauser lost his beautiful wife Christina in the same plane crash where Kobe Bryant and his daughter had passed away. The news had been very hard for the poor man to take and he really could not get a grip of his emotions when this happened. When he came to AGT he said, “I would like to make sure that my children see that, in spite of the grief that we’ve been through this year and that– that grief is not going to define who we are as a family and that my children see that you have to find joy in life and you have to continue,” Mauser told judges.

“If this can in any way help my children to chase their dreams then I’ll take it.” “Before January 26, I and Christina lived this kind of dreamy life,” Mauser said. “She was just this very humble, powerful, beautiful human being,” Mauser explained. “My mom said, ‘If you don’t marry that girl, you’re stupid.’ We spent 15 years together and have three beautiful children. It was filled with love”.

His performance will make you fall in love for sure. Watch the full video below!

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