Man Surprises Co-workers With His Wicked Banjo Picking Skills While on Lunch Break

Lunchtimes are one of the much-appreciated breaks; everyone gest to vent off the stress of work and chill around for a bit. Even more, welcome if your job requires a lot of hard labor. But what people decide to do on their lunch breaks is their business.

Unless they film it and upload it on Youtube, then we also get in the fun. Like the clip is featuring below showcases two fellow construction goofing around. In the construction site of Cambridgeshire, England, Brian Logue brought a banjo to work. As he was learning to play, he asked his co-worker to strum along the lines for him. Initially when Noel Cotter is adjusting the strings.


His friend Brian calls out the unimpressive style of playing. That’s when Noel executes a talented Irish tune from the Banjo. The people around look instantly impressed by the speed he picks along the way. I am just surprised nobody busted some tap dancing moves. Just listening to the tunes makes me want to groove along with the music. Possibly in their case, they are tired from their work.

Please press play and enjoy. Feel free to blend some moves.

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