Men Spots an Unusual Object Around This Seal’s Neck – Rushes Quickly to Rescue

Climate change, sea pollution, we have heard these words enough to understand that there is a deeply rooted issue feeding off human carelessness. Over time, we have seen this problem magnify.

Social media has been no stranger to point this out time and again. Take this video, for example; the seal wrestle in Walvis Bay in Namibia is going viral in the media. The video is showcasing an effort by two kayak guides to help a seal. Intially in the clip, one of the Kayak guides chases a seal herd in an attempt to lasso one in particular. Why, you ask? The seal seems to have a net ring stuck in the neck area.

It won’t be long before that becomes the death of this sea creature. The lasso was a total fail, but the guide doesn’t give up yet. He goes on grabs the seal by its tails just before it jumps into the water. The seal tries its level best to escape, but it manages a firm grip on it. With the help of his buddy gets the ring out of his neck. The struggling pup finally runs free, undoubtedly thankful for the helping hands.

Please press play and enjoy this random act of kindness.

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