They Gifted a Wedding to Needy Couple but Didn’t Tell Them About Celebrity Singer…

Here’s a heartwarming video about a struggling couple that overcame some significant adversity and were treated to an “all expenses paid” wedding by a YouTube channel dedicated to doing nice things for deserving people.

Matt wanted to give Kya a dream wedding because, a few months before, Kya had lost her mother. The “Kyle and Jackie O” YouTube channel heard about it and decided to chip in, paying for all the expenses of the wedding, totaling a whopping $60,000.

Then, after paying for the wedding, Kyle and Jackie O show up at the wedding just as they are getting ready to have their first dance as a couple–with another surprise. A live Ed Sheeran show as their first dance. Imagine having one of the biggest celebrities in Europe crash your wedding!

How many people can actually say, “Well, we had Ed Sheeran singing live for our dance.” Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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