10 Chic and Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf That You Probably Never Knew

The scarves are back in the trend, and today, we will go through ten different ways of tieing a scarf. Whether it’s for a formal outing or a casual hangout, these techniques will save you a lot of time.

Western Look

As Dominique, the tutor resides in the Texas area, the trending look there is the Western-style. Once you tie the scarf around your neck, ensure it with a high collar.

Glamorous Look

This is an easy look that takes about seconds to accomplish. Tie a knot in the front or slide it to the side, whatever suits your apparel. It’s an easy way of turning your scarf into a shawl.

The Bolero

The day suddenly turned chilly, and you forgot your jacket. If you have a scarf with you, this next trick will keep you from getting cold whilst providing decent arm coverage.

The Choker

Fold the scarf like shown in the clip; you can add the extra knot to make it look chicer. You can wear this look with a high-collar blouse or shirt.

Go Simple

If you wish for something simple to keep the scarf over for any emergencies. Go with the simple look. Roll the scarf two inches wide and now drape it around the neck. To give it a cool touch, you can loop the ends.

Turn it into Belt

You can quickly turn your scarf into belts by inserting it through the belt loops of the pants or skirts.

Purse Accessory

Give your purse a more fancy look by simply tieing the scarfs on one of the handles.

Hat Band

Suppose you wish to change the look of your plain hats. Tie the scarf around the hat to give it a more fancy look.


If you decide to go boating, this technique will be a great help to keep the wind blowing from hair in your face.

Cute Top

Turn the scarf into an easy on-the-go, cute top. The look is super cool and trending.

Please enjoy these simple hacks and kindly share the video with your loved ones.