Dog Mistakes Owner’s Furry Hood for a Toy and the Result Is Totally Hilarious

For some reason, dogs love nibbling down in people’s shoes like it’s their toys. Besides footwear, canines love to play with clothing items. There is not a single jacket, scarf, or any other apparel; these pups won’t chew, drool or tug and tear.

Once the pooch gets its teeth dug into any clothing item, letting it go is not that easy.  Makayla Rogers is just another victim that was captured on camera. Rogers decided to take her golden retriever, Grissom, out for some fun game time. She was prepared with a frisbee in her hand. However, Grissom was not interested in the plastic playtoy. Instead, it was Rogers’s Fur coat that the pooch had its eye on.

Once Grissom got the hold of the coat’s one end, he played with it till his heart’s content. Rogers’s doorbell camera captured the whole playful scene. Instead of adding any more efforts, she decided to accept her defeat and lay down on the porch. At the same time, Grissom chewed onto but eventually taking small breaks in between while keeping his grip intact on the hoodie.

Please press play and enjoy this playful interaction.

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