Before Popping Into the Washing Machine, Do This Easiest Step to Remove Any Stains and Odors

Cleaning is an ordeal process. On top of that, if the stains and odors get nasty, you want to run away. Yes, it’s hard to maintain your work effectively at home. So, why not work smarter than harder? Also, no need to buy expensive kinds of stuff online because the gem is hidden inside your kitchen.

Yes, it’s a home remedy that you probably weren’t aware of. So, laundry doesn’t have to be a frustrating chore now. Here is the trick of the secret white vinegar that is no secret anymore since now you know it.


For Stains

Category Clothes: Put half a cup of white wine vinegar for in the water. Soak your clothes for 30-60 minutes into it. Wash them according to the instruction. You will see that the stain gets remove instantly. It is the same with the white garments with yellow stains underarms. Pour the vinegar in your washing machine, and the yellowness will eventually disappear.

Similarly, vinegar removes the detergent powder line from your washed clothes. Soak and rinse with the vinegar water. You will find the lines getting cleared.

washing machine

For Odors

Vinegar not only keeps the stains at bay but turns the clothes cleaner with fresh smell. To remove the undesirable odors in a matter of time, you need to pout some white vinegar into the rinse dispenser in your washing machine. Bonus, vinegar itself cleans the washing machine itself. You will never find a nasty smelling washing after using vinegar to clean.

We hope these tips were helpful. Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and family, especially to those who do not like to spend extended time doing laundry.