Leo Burnett Company is an American advertising company. It creates incredible advertising with the most well-known brands. His creative and innovative ideas always draw the attention of the public. The video below is different than the usual advertisement. It looks like a regular advertisement, but it is something beyond than you have imagined.

This short clip will make you think again before going to the bar. The message behind the incident is astonishing. The footage shows the man washing hands with hand soap. After a few seconds, the mirror cracks with blasting sound, and a women’s face appears straight out from the mirror. The scary scene displays with blood dripping from the women’s face.

Drunk driving is illegal, and it can cause a severe casualty. Although the scene was scary as hell, it depicts the right message for every driver and the Department of Transport. Yet, people are criticizing it is not a proper way to aware of drunk driving cases. Hence, people seem extremely terrifying by the incident.

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