Judges Reject His Sister – His Breathtaking Comeback is One of Most Watched Ever

The Got Talent franchise is one of the most popular and famous ones on the planet. It has become a worldwide phenomenon and over 50 countries have their own version of the show. It has given people a place to showcase their talents and gain exposure with the rest of the world. Britain’s Got Talent is one of the best shows ever, and it gets its fair share of amazing performances and auditions. And the one in the following video is definitely one of them.

Meet Calum Scott. He actually signed up at the urging of his sister, Jade, who was also a singer. In fact, she signed him up and both were accepted to audition. As luck would have it, Jade was placed immediately before him in the lineup. She takes the stage and was twice stopped by Simon. When the judges had voted, she got all “No” votes and left dejected.

Enter Calum. He chose to sing a slowed-down version of Robyn’s hit dance track, “Dancing On My Own”. It was a bit strange—how could a dance track work if it was slowed down like that–but this talented guy really knew his stuff. The moment he started singing, he had all the judges and audience blown away.

This amazing performance left everyone on their feet. Simon Cowell is known as a harsh judge, and he ended up giving Calum the Golden Buzzer. He even said, “Never ever in all the years I have done this show have I heard a guy with the talent you’ve got.” And it turns out the world agreed–this clip has been viewed over 328 million times on YouTube alone, making it one of the most watched ever. Watch the breathtaking video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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