This Precious Christmas Commercial is Great Fun – Buster the Boxer

John Lewis has been renowned amongst its customers for is amazing Christmas commercials. This British retail company releases the ads every year around this time of the year and they have become really popular over the years. The video below features this year’s advertisement and it’s not a disappointment either.

This commercial however, is a bit different than its predecessors. It is lighthearted and is aimed at raising money for a serious cause. Every year John Lewis chooses a different worthy cause to donate to, and this year they have selected The Wildlife Trusts, referenced by this story of Buster the Boxer.

Dad freezes out in the cold putting together a trampoline on Christmas Eve and, once it’s together, goes in the house. But the neighborhood wild animals discover the trampoline and have a great time, all while being watched by Buster. And the next morning, when Dad opens the door…

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