The following video is a very important PSA. A mother is out doing errands with her little daughter who is sitting in the back of the car. Everything is normal and they are just chatting. But the mom looks down for a split second to check how many “likes” she got for her daughter’s photo, and then everything changes. Not only for them but for others as well. What’s even more, this is very commonplace and it could happen to anyone.

You always think that somehow you won’t get hurt, but that’s not true. This is a short movie by AT&T called Close To Home| It Can Wait. It wants to share with us that “No post is worth a life. It can wait”. We have a habit of taking things like these for granted, but it’s time we rose above that. There is a very thin thread between life and death, and you don’t want to break it so soon do you?

 'It Can Wait' Campaign -- TV Ad_ _No Post is Worth a Life_ 0-13 screenshot

Watch this chilling PSA in the video below and let us know your thoughts about this important issue in the comments section!

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