He Picked Up A Tiny Toy Guitar, But Listen Closely When He Starts To Play This Classic

As the old saying goes, a bad carpenter always blames his tools. If one is skilled enough, one doesn’t need fancy equipment or tools to create amazing results. For instance, a talented artist can draw some amazingly detailed masterpieces using nothing but a plain old pencil and some paper. An artist that is not so gifted might have the best tools at his disposal, yet not create anything brilliant.

This can be perfectly illustrated in the video below. The two men in the video, Clay Shelburn and Zac Strokes, were at a local Walmart, and they had nothing else to do but grab a toy guitar and get down to jamming! The guitar they picked was only a small replica of an actual guitar, but in their hands, it turned into an amazing instrument! Just check it out below!

The internet is full of pictures of people in Walmart, dressed in questionable outfits and doing strange things. It’s just a part of the internet now! But these two talented guys proved that there are more things to do at Walmart than just that! This rendition of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s song, “Pride and Joy” played on this toy guitar is definitely amazing!

Check out this amazing video below:

[ytvid id=”600ykNF3md4″]

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