Foal Is Put Up For Euthanasia Since He Cannot Be A Race Horse. I’m Drying My Tears

When we think of breeding rings, our mind usually wanders to animals like dogs and cats. However, other animals are being mass produced in a similar way. Horse breeding is one of the fastest growing operations nowadays. It is very similar to factory farming and breeding rings, and is known to be a very profitable business – but of course, not for the animals. Those that are born and bred in such “rings” are normally forced to live in some harsh conditions.

Horse breeding started off because of racing. When you bet on a racehorse, you indirectly support such breeding rings. The business is very lucrative, so breeders do whatever is in their power to produce as much foals as possible. Sadly, not every foal has a chance to be a race horse. And as a result, these “useless” and “incompetent” horses are tossed aside and left alone. Some of them are even put up for euthanasia.

Victoria Goss has been sheltering horses since she was only 12 years old. More than 35 years ago, she founded a horse rescue called Last Chance Corral in Athens, Ohio. Despite the poor economic conditions, she continues to save and aid all the horses that need her help. She and the volunteers at the organization have been giving it their all in order to protect these vulnerable creatures.

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