Pup Goes On A Bike Ride With Mom, Within Moments Everyone Is Left In Stitches

Dogs are really happy creatures. They are very social with humans, and it’s no wonder that they are called man’s best friends. They love nothing more than spending time with their owners, and participating in any activity that their owners are engaged in. For instance, lazy people with have dogs that are couch potatoes, while active people will have dogs that are more inclined to go outdoors just like their owners.

But there is one thing they love either way, and it’s to go for car and bike rides! They love the feeling of wind flowing through their fur, the new sights and smell the come across, and all the new dogs and people they see on the way. It’s the perfect outing for any pooch. Usually, dogs in cars stick their heads out of the window and let their tong hang out.

The pooch in this video seems to be more into bike rides. Mom strapped him on to her chest in a snug little harness. The pup seemed so amused by everything. But the funnies thing is what he does with his front paws. The little pooch saw his mom padding the bike forward. He seemed to want to help in, so he started paddling with his own feet! Isn’t that adorable?

He must have thought he was helping with propelling the bike forward. What a helpful little guy!

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