Singers, poets, and creative artists worldwide have tried to explain their idea of Love. This vague term has no definite definition. It changes according to people’s ideal beliefs. For late Fred Stobaugh, it was the 75 years of his life spent with Lorraine Dinquel.

After Lorraine’s death, Fred wrote a beautiful song to capture the memories.

The couple met in 1938 in two years; they got married. For 75 years, the lovers stayed in Love with each other. Sadly just before their 73rd anniversary, Lorraine passed away. Widower Fred wanted something to remember their Love for ages. 

Hence, Stobaugh sat down to write about the beautiful years of his life with the most fantastic person. He entered the local songwriting competition and sent the letter to Green Shoe Studio. The story moved Jacob Colgan, so he hired musicians to record the music. 

Once the sessions were over, Fred and Jacob listed to the song together. The song meant a lot for both of them. The documentary made on the recording session has more than 7M views. In 2013, the song reached the top 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. Fred was the oldest artist to appear on the Hotlist. In late 2016, Fred died at the age of 99. Before he left the earth, he taught us a little more about Love and how it’s timeless.  I hope you enjoyed reading Fred’s story. Please press play and enjoy the clip. Do share your thoughts in the feed. 

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