Aspiring Pediatrician Captivates With Emotional Performance on ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’

Here’s a Ireland’s Got Talent contestant who takes multi-tasking to a new level. Yes she plays piano and sings well enough to get an audition, but in her spare time she attends medical school!

Aspiring to be a medical student requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. It is not a task for a slothful individual, as it requires immense commitment and diligence. Even if you merely aim to be a proficient medical student, a huge amount of time, energy, and effort must be invested. Attaining success in medical school is no simple task.

23-year-old Tara Jameson is Canadian but attends medical school in Dublin, which is why she’s on the Irish version of the Got Talent franchise. She covers Adele’s “One And Only” and she crushes it! I loved this performance and I’m sure you will too.

She is almost too good to be true. Watch the full video below!

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