What’s more dramatic than an octopus changing it’s color while dreaming. This particular fact has left the internet in hysterics. It’s astonishing to see the color transforming from light to dark in the tank, and researchers are trying to found out why.

While dreaming, she also plays the game of camouflage while eating a crab. She does not want her other creatures in the ocean to see her as she is feasting. Octopus do so as they are hunting and eating prey. It is very unusual to see the changes in her body-color. This fascinating fact makes an octopus even more exciting.

So, Octopus isn’t as dull as we thought. The color-changing patterns are not a common practice in an animal kingdom. And to see that when they are asleep is incredible. People are amazed by this expressive dreaming style and is a puzzle of legends and science.

One dramatic internet user also says ‘This octopus dreaming is what my nightmares are made of.’ But we got proof that even animals dream and their conscious experiences overlaps with ours. Just as we humans experience Rapid Eye Movements octopus also has some transformation while sleeping. It’s another mystery for science but a thing of wonder for us.

Watch this video below:

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