This Amazing Octopus Changes Color While its Dreaming, and It’s Magical

People have been astounded by the recent news that octopuses can alter their color while dreaming. Scientists have been working hard to uncover the reasons behind this remarkable phenomenon, and have been mesmerized by the shifting colors seen in the aquatic tank. The range of colors, from light to dark, have left people in awe and created a buzz online.

The narrator takes us through a number of different colors, explaining why they might appear while she is dreaming. In one, she takes on a camouflage pattern, which might be after she’s caught a crab: she does not want her other creatures in the ocean to see her as she is feasting.

So, an octopus isn’t as dull as we thought. Not only is color-changing not a common practice in an animal kingdom, to see that when the animal is asleep is incredible. People are amazed by this expressive dreaming style and its a puzzle of legends and science. One dramatic internet user also says ‘This octopus dreaming is what my nightmares are made of.’

We may not be able to ask our animal friends what they dream of, but it‘s amazing to think that they, too, have conscious experiences while they sleep. There has been evidence that octopus show a certain transformation while in a sleeping state, just like humans do with Rapid Eye Movements. It‘s a mystery to science, but a beautiful thing for us to contemplate.

Watch this video below:

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