Tiny “Veterans Village” Gives Homeless Veterans a Safe Place They Can Live for Free

The devasting war was never easy on anyone. Many faced physical and mental traumas. Without proper treatment for it, a veteran can completely lose the balance of their life. This life-altering state comes in many forms, such as PTSD, Drug abuse, even homelessness.

MNSBC reported an estimation of almost 37000 homeless US veterans at any given time. These startling figures became an inspiration for a Kansas-based Organization to help conquer this problem. The Veterans Community Project (VCP) aims to fulfill the gaps in broken systems.

The “veteran village” is an ideal place for war heroes. The village has 41 tiny houses to accommodate homeless vets. In South Kansas City, these fully functional select their tenants based on need. Veterans can rent-free for almost a year if they join in the recreational programs.

The place, however, is not a permanent living solution. They stay there until they gain the skills and sobriety necessary to live independent lives. The tiny homes are equipped with brand new home appliances. Furthermore, a vet can take them when they move out to their new location. We even get a tour inside the homes. These living spaces are serving as a chance to revive life once again. Please press play and watch this fantastic work by the organization. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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