Veteran Sent to Prison for Digging Ponds on His Property to Protect His Home From Fires

Injustice has reached its new low after sending a veteran to an 18-month sentence. The 78-year-old U.S. Navy, Joe Robertson, was charged for violating the clean water act. Because he dug ponds on his property to avoid accidental fires.

As the CWA law didn’t fall under the state, the government directly charged him. The Environmental Protection Agency, which was amended in 1972, prohibits anyone from adding pollutants or dig ditches or pipes in the ground.

Therefore, he was sentenced to 18-month imprisonment with a hefty fine of $130,000, which was then deducted from his security checks. Even after serving his jail time, he still was on parole for 20 months more. Sadly, in March 2019, he died due to natural causes.

For these accusations, late Robertson made the sound argument during his hearing because his digging was far from navigable water. His attorney Francois made claims that the closest body of water was over 40 miles away. And his client dig hole just to avoid fires, as he lived in a wooded area. His defenses didn’t save him; hence, the Pacific Legal Foundation took the case to fight the fine.

Now, after the veteran’s demise, his widower is fighting against the injustice, but no promising result yet. Please watch the video and share your thoughts on this unfairness in the feed.

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