Teen Boys Harass Homeless Woman but These Onlookers Had Enough

Violence is not new. It has been deeply entrenched in our society for ages. Sneaky attacks to assaults, these kinds of destructive behaviors have been lurking in every corner. Primarily, vulnerable groups such as old age men, women, children, homeless individuals become the easy prey.

We don’t need statistics to know it’s real and happening. But let’s suppose given the freedom to make a choice, would we speak up? If you come across these dreadful actions, would you take any measures to mitigate the situation and help the one in need? Or would you just walk away thinking everyone has problems?

To get answers, John Quiñones makes excellent use of his show “What would you do?” in ABC News. The whole team stages a social experiment on bullying a homeless man and woman. The reaction and support from people passing by are immense. Not a single individual is ready to back down, even if they are single out by three large teenagers.

Please press play and enjoy.

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