Woman Has Trick To Remove Tendon From Raw Chicken Breasts, People Are Floored

Chicken is one of the easy fixes for protein. Either you boil it for a salad or make a sandwich on the go; this poultry meat hardly takes much effort. Over time, the internet has awed us with many delicious chicken recipes.

Either it’s chicken tender that blends well with coleslaw and some fries on the side or just good old-fired chicken paired with a delicious sauce. The dish has evolved so much over the years, that different state has their own version of the recipe. You can never go wrong with the chicken dish from adding a spicy blend in the marination or dipping in the homemade hot sauce.



However, one thing that can create a lot of mess while cooking chicken, the white tendon strips. Even though it is okay to eat the tendons once they are thoroughly cooked, it all comes down to preference. Well, worry no more; there is a simple hack to clean the chicken. All you need is a fork and paper towel. Pierce the fork through the fat and then pull the tendon with the paper towel, and just like that, it will come off quickly.


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