UPS Lies to Driver About Package Address Where People Are Waiting to Ambush and Blindfold Her

When was the last time you had a package delivered to your doorstep? And most importantly, have you ever thought about the individuals who deliver it? UPS driver Carolyn Crump is loved by her customers who live along her route. 

Crump has made quite the impression. That’s why the community got together to surprise her. 

Carolyn is the driver of a package delivery company, where she has been working for 23 years. Customers along her regular route Clayton, Missouri, more than a UPS driver. It seems her dedication to her work has not gone unnoticed. 

When Crump needed a new roof over her house, the small community spring into action. In just two weeks, the people raise enough money for the replacements. Thanks to the GoFundMe page established for similar occasions. To stage the surprise, someone told Crump to investigate a missing package. 

Once she was there, the families gather around to blindfold her. The group helped her to nearby Concordia park. Even her daughter joins in halfway through the walk. After few minutes of reaching the destination, the group presents her with a giant check with enough money for the roof. Please press play and check out Crump’s special day. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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