She’s Not Happy With Her 85th Birthday Present and She Let’s Them Know!

Everybody loves birthdays. When you are a kid, you like the day because of all the gifts you get. As you grow old, you realize the time that has just flown by. But you can’t deny that you still love the thought and presents you get that day.

However, sometimes, when you give your loved one a birthday gift, it might not go as you have planned out. They might have it already, or they might not like it. Plain and simple. That is what this Grandma felt when she got her gift for her 85th birthday. And she isn’t scared to get vocal about it.

The gift she gets comes in a pretty large box. I’d be pretty excited to know what was inside if I were her. Unfortunately, it’s not anything she was hoping. Furthermore, the grandmother finds the gift very offensive.

She even has some choice words about it. Watch the video to find out what she got and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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