Makeup Tutorial Gone Wrong When Youtuber Claims Earthquake Interrupted Her but People Aren’t Convinced

Entertainment platform for generations has been a methodical series of events placed carefully one after another to gain perfection and controversies. Hence, it’s no surprise when you hear most of them are fake.

Similar to a viral youtube video of 2019 that raises some serious questions of authenticity.

On July 5, Los Angeles, California went through a massive hit of  7.1 magnitude earthquake. And a number of aftershocks throughout the night. Obviously, the occurrence affected plenty of people’s routines. But one particular video on youtube gained a lot of attention.

The YouTuber Ali J was filming her makeup tutorial. Initially, she shares the basics on how to achieve a red lip without looking like a clown. As she begins to apply the red lipstick, her room begins to shake uncontrollably. Since the upload, the clip has gained over 11M views. The remarkable timing is almost too good to be true.

The comment section quickly began dissecting the content concluding the video was possibly filmed inside an Earthquake simulator back in 2018.

But the reason behind using only one clip as a prank is still a mystery. Furthermore, the YouTuber has not made any remarks or new uploads after the incident. What do you think? Do share your thoughts in the comment section after you watch the clip.

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