If you remember, DNA tests were all the hype at one point. People were getting tested to know their bloodline and how far it went. For many of us, it was merely anything serious, just a fun test. But for Molly Sinert, the result came out with shocking findings.

At a young age, Molly was adopted into a loving family in Florida. Molly found a new home with her foster parents. The Jewish family welcomes her wholeheartedly. Content with her family, she never searched for her biological parents or any other members. One day her niece, Isabel, insisted her mom and Molly to take the DNA test. Isabel’s mother was adopted too. The little girl wanted to connect to the other side of the family.

The results shock the family to their core. As the DNA matched 49.96% to another individual. The hospital predicted the woman could be her daughter. Molly was not convinced, in her life, she had never been too pregnant. Let alone give birth to a baby. Hence on further inspection, the truth came out. The results and reunion with the fellow members of the family cleared the murky past.

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