This Unusual Way of Cutting a Cake Is Truely a Game Changer

Aw Cakes the sugary delight. It’s everywhere these days, no matter how big or small the celebration. Without this wonderful piece of charm, the event almost feels empty. So much so, people have been over the roof with creativity when it comes to cakes.

From regular to flashy fondue cakes, we have come a far way. Let’s be honest; nothing beats the joy of cutting into the soft, fudgy slices of this dessert on your birthday. Although we have been cutting cakes forever; do we know the right way to hand out the perfect serve? This trick is very commonly used in restaurants in times of large serving.

Suppose you have a giant one-pound cake. Now cutting into it without a plan can lead to uneven servings. And we don’t want that. So, let’s get a small glass bowl and place it gently over the cake just to map out a circle. Now using that as your guide, cut a small cake within the big one. Once that is done, cut the cake only on the outer parts. Then slowly work your way to the middle piece if required.

To get a better picture of the method, please press play, enjoy and learn.

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