Lion Asks Canine Best Friend for Forgiveness and the Adorable Gesture Earns 30 Million Views

Over the years, the animal kingdom has flourished magnificently. The creatures residing in the thick jungle play by the rules of nature. In contrast to humans, they have a different ecosystem. Similarly, the forests have all sorts of peculiar friendships.

Thanks to modern technology, we have witnessed these relationships first hand. Usually, we think twice before getting both dogs and cats as pets. It’s believed they don’t mix well. Seeing the video below, you will rethink your understandings of animals entirely. Meet Miki, the lion who is best friends with Camilla, the dog. The two reside in the same animal sanctuary and are inseparable.


Although the lions are known for their predatory skills. Miki has a different notion when it comes to Camilla. Miki pictures the canine as a loyal companion instead of his lunch or dinner. The clip below shows them sharing a loving bond to displaying irritation as real friends do. The duo was found in the wild together before being brought to the  Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City.

Please press play and enjoy this amazing clip.

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