His Owner Was About to Shoot & Kill Him, Then This Unexpected Man Comes to Rescue

Max the horse never allowed anyone to come near him, touch him, or train him. He was often considered to be a dangerous and violent animal. Even his owner himself was planning on shooting him and killing him. But that’s when Michael, a farm manager in upstate New York, entered the scene.

When Michael was walking through the barn, Max stuck his head out of his stall and allowed the man to scratch him. That was a first. Michael tried to tame the horse and it was going well too. But one day, Max got spooked by a horsefly and accidentally kicked Mike, nearly killing him. Mike was admitted to the hospital, while his insurance company was about to sue Max’s owner $175,000 for medical bills. But all he could think of while in the hospital was Max. What followed next is a beautiful tale of an unlikely friendship!

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Farmer Gives Horse A Second Chance When No One Else Would from Natasha Scully on Vimeo.

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