Little Girl Witnessed Her Mom Being Abused By Stepdad, And Her 911 Call Will Give You Chills

It’s sad to see how domestic violence is still present in this day and age. Even though people are educated and made aware of it, there are a shocking number of cases that are reported every day. Many suffer in silence, as they are scared of what their partners will do if they report the case. But the clip in the following video shows a little girl who took matters into her own hands after seeing her mom being abused.

This clip is a voice recording of a 911 call made by a six-year-old girl called Lisa Floyd. She saw her mother being violently beaten up by her stepfather, so she immediately called 911 for assistance. The conversation she has with the operator is so heartbreaking. You can hear the horror and trauma in her voice alone. Such incidences leave a deep impact on children, and the cycle just continues.

Kit Gruelle, an advocate for domestic abuse survivors, tracked down Lisa years after this tape was recorded. Unfortunately, he discovered that Lisa has also been suffering from an abusive relationship of her own. Child Protective Service workers came to her house many times, but they didn’t take her or her siblings away. Being in an abusive household is always difficult. Children grow up thinking that abuse is normal in any relationship, and their choice of partners later in life can also be affected by it.

This recording helps shed light on the plight of those affected by domestic abuse. There can’t be enough awareness spread about this issue until it is finally eradicated!

Listen to this harrowing recording below:

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