Camera Catches Epic Battle of Man Vs Gate- Who Wins is Just Hilarious

Some people are idiotic and there really isn’t anything the rest of us can do about something as such. This video makes me laugh out loud.

The man got himself in trouble and man was he so hilarious! This man just randomly went to a gate on a windy day and chose chaos. In fact, it would not even be wrong to say that the man woke up and chose violence, against something so lifeless. Well, of course, the wind gave the gate some life and it eventually turned violent as well.

This idiot just goes to the gate as if he is choosing to hurt himself. His intentions will leave you confused. In fact, what does he even have to do with a gate on a windy day? As funny as this video seems, it is just as dangerous and foolish of the man to have done what he did. This video is simply funny.

You will surely love this.

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