She Walks to the Stage With a Feather. Her Performance is Unbelievable

Some unique talents in the world aren’t inside the box. However, the skill can be as expressive as any other form of singing or dancing! Moreover, art should evoke feelings rather than follow trends. And this woman proved a point when she came to Italy’s Got Talent to share her distinct talent!

Marula Eugster Rigolo is a 28-year-old freelancer. When she enters the audition stage of the global talent show, everyone, including the judges, is in awe. There is just something so peaceful about the woman who is wearing all-white. Moreover, she walks in front of a pile of sticks with a feather in her hand.

IGT unique talent

As peaceful music begins playing, she balances the feather in a stick. Then, the woman takes another stick and balances the prior stick she was holding onto it! By this time, the judges are intrigued by how still she is. Moreover, she continues doing this with the stick pile without ever letting the feather fall. But it doesn’t end there! After making the complex structure and propping it on the ground, she snatches the feather. This makes all the sticks fall like dominos. Incredible! Watch the fascinating video below:

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