This 2-year-old is stealing the show with her gracefully cute Ice Skating Routine

Figure skaters must put in a lot of practice and hard work to perfect all of their skating moves and complex tricks. The walks and spins may appear to be simple, but there is a lot of effort involved.

Nobody believes a 2-year-old can do it so gracefully.  Riana Kadyrova, who was only 2½ years old when this viral video was shot, is a child who obviously proves that age does not matter in this situation—what matters is having talent.


The Russian girl has been ice skating since she was a year old, and she can keep up with the professionals.

Skating is in her family’s blood, as her mother is the principal of a skating school in Russia. Reseda Kadyrova, Russia’s principal of the prestigious Tatarstan Children’s Youth Figure Skating School of Olympic Reserve, taught her daughter well. Based on the abilities that this little girl has displayed, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine her competing in the Olympics within a couple of years.


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