80-Year-Old Films Herself Going Down Waterslide And Has the Time of Her life

When was the last time you were able to accomplish something that terrified you? It’s not always we have the courage to push ourselves to do something that is considered dangerous to our minds.

You can’t have a satisfying life unless you are willing to take risks and go out of your comfort zone. You have to shake things up every now and then, regardless of how old you are. Think about this: You can always discover something new about yourself if you try to push your boundaries, no matter how old you are.

Grandma on the waterslide

And this 80-year-old grandma exactly knows how to push herself and live the rest of her day in adventure. When they decided to visit the waterpark in the summertime, the grandparents took their granddaughter and decided to go for a ride on a waterslide.

When they arrived at the front of the queue, the little girl surprised her grandparents by suggesting they join her on the ride. She and her grandma climbed to the top of the water slide, where there’s only one way down! Watch her adventure here:

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