If Anyone Doubts That Twins Cuddle in the Womb, This Video Will Prove You Otherwise

The concept of having twins is always fascinating. Knowing that there is another person just like you that was with you in the womb and was born at the same time blows my mind. Twins even share a special connection that regular siblings don’t. And that, to me, is a superpower.

We’ve all heard of twins having their language called “cryptophasia,” which they develop in early childhood. People also believe that twins might have extrasensory perception or a form of telepathy that ordinary people don’t have. And mothers also feel their twin babies cuddling in the womb. And this video might prove it to some extent.

babies cuddle while sleeping

The video shows twin babies sleeping in a bed. They’re only a few weeks old and are too adorable. As the video progresses, we can see, there is a good space between the two babies. But seconds later,  the twin clings on to each other and cuddles. Both the babies have their eyes closed but appear calm. Both of them also have the cutest smile on their faces.

WATCH the adorable video below.

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