Desperate for help after man caught on camera stealing their pet

If you own a pet, you know how bad it feels even to know that your pet is hurting. The slightest of pain they feel, you become conscious as if it were your baby. So, having to lose them is the same as losing your family members, devastating. But seeing your pet getting stolen right in front of your eyes is one of the worst things anyone could experience.

So, watching a man steal her dog right out of her car was terrifying for Alaina Yantko and her 4-year-old daughter Selena.

man steals dog from car

Alaina was dropping off some stuff for her husband at the store, and she had her daughter and their dog, Lucy, with her. She let Selena out of the car so she could meet her father. And Alaina went the other way to take out the rest of the stuff. Right then, a man shows up in a car and parks right beside her.

Without Alaina noticing, the man opens her car door and steals her purse and mobile phone. He throws them into his car and goes back again. Then, he reaches out to take the dog, and after grabbing Lucy, he speeds off.

WATCH the horrifying video below.

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