Abandoned Pup Waits on Roadside for 4 Years After Falling from Owners Truck

There is no question that dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the animal kingdom. Even if it’s a dog you don’t own, if you feed them or pet them once, they’ll remember you for the rest of their lives. And that is one of the most precious things about dogs.

So, maybe it was the loyalty in this poor dog that for four years straight, he came to the same place every day waiting for someone. A man in Thailand would see a pup sitting beside the road, waiting every single day. Every time he crossed the path, he would find the dog sitting and waiting.

dog waits for owners on roadside

But he found out what happened to the dog from another woman. She told him that the same thing happened to her, so she felt too bad for the puppy, so she decided to take him home. She took him to the vet, get him checked up, and adopted him, giving him the name Leo. However, Leo ran off a few days later to the same spot. So she let him stay on the side of the road but brought him food and water every day.

The man then posted Leo’s story on social media, which got viral. And hearing the story, the dog’s real owners came forward. They told him that Leo jumped off of the pickup truck without the couple noticing. And they’d been looking for him ever since. But when they reunited with Leo four years later, he was overly excited but wasn’t ready to go back to his owners. So, they asked the woman taking care of Leo to keep him.

WATCH the heartwarming story of Leo below.

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